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What is a Smart Acupressure Bed

Put your busy life behind you and relax in one of our Miracly Beds and discover the undeniable benefits of our products. We are proud to be able to share the one-of-a-kind experience one gets when they own one of our massage chairs. 

FoR therapy uses waves of energy to gently enhance our body functions, such as unblocking energy passages, expelling toxins out of body, enhancing blood circulation, and relieving pains

Made of quality solid radiata pine wood

Beautiful and elegant work of art in every piece


The Latest Technology of Smart Acupressure Beds

For more than 10 years of research and development by a team of Korean medical and engineering professionals, acupressure bed is reinvented not only for conventional clinic use, but also family healthy living. 3H Smart Acupressure Bed uses innovative massage technology based on the concept of meridians in traditional eastern medicine as well as the recent far-infrared ray (FIR) technology, which allows users to regain health by using acupressure on the meridians and pressure points along the vertebrae while sleep.


3H-820 Smart Acupressure Bed




3H-820HP Smart Acupressure Bed


Our Service

You are given the option to purchase one of these innovative product of its kind, a perfect 3-in-1 integration of a bed, a massage system delivered to your home or we are given the pleasure to have you relax on one of these smart acupressure bed.

Why Miraclybeds

  • Helps people who stands up for long hours
  • Helps people sitting down for long hours
  • Perfect for students or any professions
  • Help to relieve waist pain
  • Help to relieve neck pain
  • Provide abdominal massage
  • Provide thermal acupressure

Variety of options

  • Variety choices of black, brown and gold colors
  • Choice of classic styles from imperial crown bed, beauty couch, daybed, sofa, single bed and clinic bed

Features and Health Benefits

Comfortable Living Functions
·      FIR Thermo-therapy, acupressure massage functions                             
·      Acupressure functions by different body parts (Neck/Shoulder, back,   Waist)
·      Easy recognize the progress location acupressure stick by presenting on screen of         the remote controller

Apply Chuna Treatment                             
·      62 of the acupressure sticks massage 18 points of the spine vertically 
·      Designed with consideration for the human curvature
·      62 heating rods moving smoothly to improve circulation and inflamed or damaged         muscles, promotes a strong and healthy spine
·      Drastically change your sleeping health with minimum costs

Certified as a Medical Device by Korea FDA
·      Hexagonal herbal ceramics made in fires over 1300°C or 2372°F          
·      Magnetic shielded type hot wires, double shielding materials
·      Passed standard test for safety of electromechanical and electrical wave for                     medical devices
·      Used by chiropractic doctors in hospitals and clinics and won numerous awards in Korea
·      Popular not only for seniors but teenagers as well
.      Not certified by US FDA yet. Consult your doctor if you intend to use it for medical         treatment. Read the Disclaimer section.

Health Benefits for People Who Are
·      Standing for long hours
·      Sitting for long hours
·      Suffering waist pain
·      Suffering chronic neck pain
·      Suffering chronic back pain                                                   
·      Suffering spinal disc herniation
·      Suffering lumbar scoliosis, sciatica
·      Suffering muscle pain and stiffness
·      Suffering from insomnia, headache, or migraine
·      Suffering cold and numb feet and hands even in summer
·      Wanting abdominal massage              
·      Wanting thermal spinal acupressure                         
·      Wanting thermal calf massage
.      Wanting losing weight by massage
·      Wanting more elastic and beautiful skin

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Transaction was smooth and customer service is superb, thank you for your patients.  You can bet we are going to reccomend this bed to our friends and business partners.

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Great Message Beds. I’m convinced…this was a great gift for my parent!

Andy Acharya

Wow thank you so much so good for my back 

Yan Zhi Bin

Este es un pequeño precio que pagar para devolverle a mi abuela. Gracias por la cama.

Patty Nunez

Miracly has a relaxing & calm atmosphere so you can take a break from the stresses of life. Come by on your lunch break or after work. 
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While a 3H Smart Acupressure Bed product may substantially help improve your health condition, it have not been approved by US FDA as a medical treatment device in United States though it has been approved by Korean FDA. It is necessary to use the product with proper cautions and using methods. You may consult your doctor for prescription and guidance if you intend to use it for your medical treatment. Your discretion must be applied for medical use.